Depending on your student status, you are eligible for the following 住房 options:



第一年,BTC365会满足你all的住房需求. The University requires all new first-year undergraduates to arrange 住房 via our 住房办公室. When you get here, ready to start your new life in 巴黎, all you’ll have left to do is unpack.

BTC365的  2022年秋季住房 选项现在可用. 新生报到开始 May 9, 2022 at 4pm 巴黎 time via the BTC365 Status Page (only available to confirmed students).



You are ready to live on your own in 巴黎 而且 have the option of searching for an independent apartment through our 住房办公室 or finding something on your own.  

独立的房间 而且 私人公寓BTC365的住房办公室为BTC365的学生提供免费服务.  We collect listings from independent l而且lords in 巴黎 而且 advertise available apartments on our 内部数据库.BTC365的网络中,公寓的价格差别很大, 但学生平均每月要支付500至900欧元的房租.  房租一般不包括电费和上网费, 加起来每个月大概要花80 - 100欧元. 

如果您打算在BTC365的网络之外寻找住房, 查看BTC365的住房资源 或者,请随时咨询BTC365的指南: 自己找房子.pdf